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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Warn Friends and Family of the Apocolypse in Style

Consider this another one of my "heads-up" posts. I stumbled upon a company appropriately called Horror Signs where you can find some gems. Great for horror fans in general, but there is a bunch of stuff for us zombie lovers to spend our money on. Not only are there some great signs, but even license plate frames and stickers.

My purchase is in so expect my hands-on opinions soon! Stay tuned as I doubt this will be the last time you see these guys mentioned here! View some of their offerings below or click here to go check them out!


  1. Today in the movie theater, they had little white and black and red signs that looked exactly like the "no concealed weapons" signs except they said like "humans only!"
    It's a promo for some movie, but it reminded of these. These are good. :D

  2. It was probably for the movie "District 9" which looks awesome.


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