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Friday, July 3, 2009

Dead Island - New Zombie Game On The Horizon

I caught this from and the original article can be found here. What we have is a dream come true for video game zombie fans! It sounds like an open-ended (think Grand Theft Auto) game with zombies!

Dead Island takes place on what looks to be an island resort infested with zombies. More cool news; The game has a "layered skin system" that will allow you to hack away multiple dimensions of zombie flesh! Here is the game synopsis taken from

"Island of Living Dead is a survival horror FPP shooter. The action takes place in an alternate near future, when all present day threats and fears have become a horrifying reality. As a castaway on a secluded island, you will struggle for your very life in a game filled with an atmosphere of overwhelming fear. Experience the extensive simulation of real-life physics for all environmental objects that can be used as weapons, and an innovative gameplay concept that allows you to temporarily transform into a zombie which changes both enemy behaviour and your character's abilities."

Not so sure about the transforming into a zombie part. Is it just me or does someone need to make just a straight-forward zombie game? Left 4 Dead has the special infected and that's not too bad. Besides, for what that game is trying to accomplish the special infected are pretty much needed. Even the Resident Evil games loose me once you get past the beginning zombie enemies and move into the monster things. Still, look at these pics, think about the idea of a sandbox style zombie game, and tell me you're not excited too.

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