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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Valve Responds To Left 4 Dead 2 Critics

Valve speaks! The online petition is now approaching 20,000. What are Vavle's plans to calm their zombie fan-base?

"We want to wait and weed through the comments, I'm already getting e-mails, and I'm responding to them," Valve's Chet Faliszek commented.

"Looking back, was the Orange Box a ripoff?" He said, on initial complaints at having to "buy" Half-Life 2 again in the compilation. "Give us a fair shake on this, read more about it, find out about it, we've already let people play it [at E3]... After that, if you want to vent, post to the forums. We do read them, we read all the forums."

So we are looking at five new campaigns, new weapons, new special infected, and a new zombie dismemberment system. Not to mention a new AI Director. According to critics, this should have been made an update to L4D1.

"We had some meetings about it, and we all talked about our ideas, and everyone was pretty focused and thoughtful, a lot of the same ideas were happening," Faliszek told Ars Technica. "We wanted the (A.I.) Director to be smarter, but to be smarter it needed more special infected in its stable. For example, the Charger that we see today. It just became very clear that this was a cohesive, singular statement we wanted to make, not a more slow update thing... too much stuff was tied together with too many other things."

Faliszek continues, "The Common Infected-now there is destruction in different parts of their body, to ship all the new Common Infected, even with an update, would be a huge thing."

Faliszek also confirmed that the updates and support for L4D1 is not finished. The solution here is easy, if you don't agree with it don't buy it. Oh, but you will... the doubters know this new incarnation of L4D will be just as fun and addicting as the original! Don't forget to let your voice be heard here. Vote your piece of mind in our first poll to your right!


  1. n not believe it's up to 20k...what else where they going to spend their money on this November?!

  2. LOL... I'm sure we'll see some holiday game releases but, seriously, L4D2? I'm sure it will be worth every penny!


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