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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dr. Tongue Toy Review

Ahhh, toys. My heart flutters upon hearing the word alone. Put the word "zombie" before it and my heart does jumping jacks. One of my favorite toy review sites is Michael Crawford's (find it by clicking here). If it's your first visit, I suggest clicking "search reviews" and take a gander at all of the toy goodness. You will not have a difficult time finding something fun to read. Case in point, the recent review of Dr. Tongue.

Day of the Dead is one of Romero's classics but has always been the bastard step-child when it comes to toys and collectibles. I mean, we all love "Bub" but what other zombies from that movie have we seen? It seems that Dawn of the Dead gets all of the attention. Well, AmokTime is bringing us a gem with their Dr. Tongue figure. Take a gander at the few pics taken from Crawford's site then click here to see them all and read the review.

Oh, and speaking of Bub, there's a review for him over there as well. Just click here to read it!


  1. must have! these are awesome!!!

  2. Wait until you see their Tarman from Return of the Living Dead. That one'll be another instant classic!


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