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Friday, June 19, 2009

Dead Snow - Movie Review

So I'm asleep at the wheel again... I've been promising to have this review up for awhile. I think by now everyone should be pretty familiar with the movie Dead Snow. I've posted news before and most recently one of the most unique marketing techniques I have seen. Not to mention one of the best to watch! In the dark? Click here to check out my post, Dead Snow My Ass, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Please allow me to begin by telling you a bit about my taste in movies. I don't like B-Movies. I know there are a bunch of fans and I respect that. I totally see the entertainment value it's just not my cup of tea. That's not to say Dead Snow is a B-Movie; It is definitely not a B-Movie. It's just... different. It's cheesy without being cheesy. It's gory and gross without being gory and gross. The draw is not so much the events but rather the content. How can you possibly go wrong with a movie full of young kids, beer, and Nazi Zombies. Nazi-friggin'-zombies!

Does it really matter what the movie is about? Is there a plot or are there just a bunch of Nazi-friggin'-zombies wandering around eating kids? Well, sorry to disappoint but there is a plot. In a nutshell, several young medical students on break decide to spend a vacation in a cabin in the woods. Waaaay out in the woods where automobiles cannot go. Can anyone make a worse decision? Yes. Yes, of course a worse decision can be made. How about the cabin's owner, Sara, decides to travel there on her own. Through the mountains. On skis. Ahhh, to be young and stupid.

Their first night in the cabin, the young students had a guest in the form of a salty old man. Of course, this man brings with him tales of the town nearby and how it was ruled by a group of Nazi soldiers during World War II. These soldiers pillaged the town taking anything of value before being chased out near the war's end. Making their way into the very mountains that surrounded the cabin never to be seen again. Tale told, the old man leaves and the drinking continues.

The next day, Sara's worried boyfriend leaves to search for her while the rest stay at the cabin. I'm not ruining any surprises by telling you that the group must defend the cabin from the approaching horde of zombies. Nazi-friggin'-zombies!

My synopsis ends there because anyone who has seen a horror movie knows the rest. To answer the question on your mind... Yes, I liked Dead Snow. I'm rather baffled by this fact to be honest. The zombies communicate. The zombies run. They think, react, dig, fight, use weapons. They are generally unrealistic. They've been living in the snow-covered mountains for years and their clothes look nice. There's still fresh blood running out of their mouths. Their eyeballs are intact. I should not like this movie but I do.

Heads are knocked off and kicked into trees. There is self-amputation. Intestines are used as ropes a-la Tarzan. There's completely unrealistic, gratuitous sex. I mean, what good-looking woman would have sex with a slob of a stranger while he is still sitting in an outhouse dropping a deuce? Why do I like this movie?

Let's look beyond the zombies for a moment. The Nazi-friggin'-zombies! Dead Snow is fun. It's a fun movie with great special effects and makeup that doesn't take itself too seriously. I love the Evil Dead Trilogy. Add in a pinch of Snakes On A Plane and some zombies and you have Dead Snow. A solid movie that demands your attention and should not be missed. I had a great time watching and look forward to consuming mass quantities of alcohol amongst friends and watching it again!


  1. OH MAN! I can't wait to see this!!!

    WAIT! I can't wait to see the Zombie Heads Krystal will sculpt after seeing this. She needs some Zombie Nazi's in the shop... hmmm

  2. You're right, she does need some Nazi Zombies in the shop!


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