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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Zombie Research Society

Just stumbled upon the Zombie Research Society and thought some of you may find this interesting. It is an actual organization whose mission statement is: The Zombie Research Society seeks to advance the cause of Zombie knowledge and understanding in the Arts and Sciences.

I think all of us enjoy the concept of zombies and enjoy zombies in our various forms of entertainment and media. Well, for those who take the zombie threat seriously or who are interested in the actual science behind zombies, check out the Zombie Research Society.

On a related note for those who don't think that it could happen, the news has been plenty regarding the recent zombification of the fire ant. You can read the National Geographic article here as well as view the pics of this process in action. For those who haven't been up on the news, a particular breed of fly has been introduced in the ecosystem of Texas to help control fire ants. This fly injects eggs into the fly and when the eggs hatch the larva makes its way to the brain. There, it controls the ant until the head eventually falls off and the new fly emerges.

This isn't the first time we have heard of such things happening in nature. We've seen it in snails, fish, and other insects. Who's to say this type of parasite won't evolve to find other hosts? Go prepare by reading up on the ZRS.

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