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Friday, May 29, 2009

ThinkGeek + Zombies = Fun

This is not the first mention of ThinkGeek on this site. I've mentioned and even reviewed their Dismember-Me Plush in a previous post here. After mentioning Entertainment Earth's latest zombie painting, I felt I should inform everyone of ThinkGeek's latest zombie wares.

I'll start with their radio-controlled zombie since this is the item featured in the previously mentioned painting. Available here for $24.99 through ThinkGeek, the transmitter is a brain. It seems pretty basic but fun none-the-less.
New on their site is a zombie geletin mold. Start planning your Halloween party now and serve up some jello zombie torso goodness. Available for $14.99 by clicking here.

Another new zombie goodie (and probably my favorite) is this baby bib. If only this was available about a year ago I would own one. Now I'm stuck giving it as a gift instead of enjoying it in my own home. Go pick one up here for only $7.99.

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