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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pontypool Finally En Route

Pontypool, a Canadian film being brought to us by IFC Films, will be in select US theaters on May 29th and On Demand May 27th. In preparation, the new one-sheet pictured above has been released.
I have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to view this unique zombie film and will (hopefully) have a review posted sometime soon. Already approved for a sequal, the film mostly takes place within the confines of a radio station. Clips and reviews I have seen already leave me with the impression that the film is intense and well-acted. The lack of actual zombie mahem is a bit of a bummer, but if done right the suspense should make up for it.
UPDATE: Aaron over at Zed Word (another great zombie news site, by the way) posted a review of Pontypool here. Thanks for posting your comment prompting me to search for it. Sorry, also, to my readers for not mentioning Zed Word sooner.


  1. Intense and well-acted yes, but the second act takes a humorous turn that some people find jarring. And it's not a film filled with a lot of zombie mayhem, so people going in expecting zombies galore will be disappointed.

    If you read my review, you know I love it though despite its very minor faults.

    I'm just worried that the way the US will market the movie will mislead people as often happens with the marketing of foreign and independent films.

  2. I searched for your review but couldn't find it. Post a link if you get time!

  3. Found and posted. Thanks for bringing your review to my attention!


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