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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not A Zombie Post

It's rare when I don't post zombie news here but if you're reading this blog chances are we share more common interests other than zombies. That being said...

Go rent the movie Martyrs. It's another movie brought to us by the French and if you like some of the other French films I've mentioned here it's a must! To me, it's a blend of Frontiere(s), High Tension, and Sunshine. The synopsis makes the movie sound pretty basic. But the movie is intense, brutal, and deep. The synopsis is so basic, in fact, it would be like describing Saving Private Ryan as "a movie about a man taking a scenic view through Europe" or Dawn of the Dead as "a movie about some people hanging out a mall to avoid some sick people". Seeing Martyrs just makes me that much more excited to see The Horde!
What else? I found this cool picture over at geekologie and felt the need to share:

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