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Monday, May 4, 2009

New Zombie Video Games This Week

For those of you on PopCap Games' mailing list for Plants vs Zombies, you should have received an email today allowing you to play the trial game. Personally, I love it! Easy to learn, fun, and addictive. Plus, watching the various zombies march towards the goal is a riot!

Plants vs Zombies is available for purchase tomorrow for $19.95. And don't forget that the contest to win one of 5 free copies is still open for entries. The final day to enter is next Friday, May 15th. Click here for info.

Also available this week is Zombie Wranglers, a downloadable game available through Xbox Live. You can view my earlier report on this title here.


  1. I snagged the PvZ demo last night and played for a bit. I certainly didn't need another game to interfere with my life, but damnit I found one. This is so good.

  2. Tell me about it! I'm hooked already. Don't forget to enter this month's contest to win a free copy of the game or a bunch of Plants vs Zombies goodies!


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