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Friday, May 22, 2009

Dead Snow - Finally, A Trailer

Kids and snow and zombies, Oh My! Just a quick update and trailer from another film I posted about a few months back.

Dead Snow tells the tale of a group of Norwegian teenagers who go away for a snowmobiling vacation. They come across a box of cursed gold in the cabin they are staying in. Unfortunately the area they are staying in was used by the Nazis in the German occupation of Norway during World War II, and the gold belonged to them. As a result undead Nazi-Germany soldiers come back to reclaim their gold.


  1. You see this yet?

    I watched a bit of the beginning and it looks pretty decent.

  2. How did you get to see it? I think it looks iffy but I'm sure I've seen worse!

  3. the wonderful world of the internets.

    I have a subbed version, if I remember I can give it to Sara on a flash drive to take to work for you.

    *Makes note*

  4. Oh, Hells Yeah! I can't watch movies dubbed anyway so that's perfect!


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