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Monday, May 18, 2009

Colin - The Next Zombie Movie We Hope To See

I read about this movie a little while ago but it's really starting to pick up steam now. Colin is the name of a zombie movie that is looking to be the surprise hit at Cannes.

Filmed for under $70 on a video camera, Colin is named after the filmmaker's steel worker father. The 97 minute long film took 18 months to shoot throughout London and Swansea. Writer/director, Marc Price, placed ads looking for actors and effects artists who were willing to donate their time and materials for credits in the movie.

Says Price, "It's crazy to be arrogant about it. It's a small film which is really about story and character. It's a dirty little film, but we really hope it's got a lot of heart."

What's extremely unique about Price's film is that it's shot from the point of view of the zombie. That's right, the main character is already a zombie.

With companies already bidding on distribution rights, we can hope to see this one soon.

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