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Monday, May 11, 2009

Army of Darkness, Evil Ash - mini bust review

Sorry it's been awhile since my last review. However, the recent lack of new news to report has permitted me the time to post a new one. While not your typical zombie, it's hard to argue that Evil Ash from Sam Raimi's Army of Darkness doesn't qualify. I mean, he's dead and moving around right?

Released by Diamond Select Toys, this bust was released in 2003 to commemorate AOD's 10th anniversary. Sculpted by Gabriel Marquez, Evil Ash was limited to 1,993 pieces. Why 1,993 pieces? Take a guess when the movie was released (hint: it's the same year as there are Evil Ash busts).

Overall, he's a nice piece to add to your collection. The sculpting is great with amazing detail on his rotting face. Paint applications are spot-on with no running from one area to the next. The pose is dynamic without being distracting and allows you the opportunity to view some of the details in his wardrobe.

Speaking of... the folds and tears on the shirt and cape look good and are accentuated by the shading and weathering effects of the paint application. They also did a nice job capturing that particular and familiar looking shade of blue for his shirt. Weathering is also adequate on Ash's armor giving it an authentic medieval feel.

My favorite details, however, are on the hands and face. It's easy to botch these areas but here they are gruesomely accurate with textures and tones. Another common and appreciated tactic employed here is the use of a gloss paint to enhance the torn-flesh areas and eyes.

With this much detail and Army's fan base, I'm surprised this piece isn't more popular. It can still be found for its original retail price of $50 and if you have the room on your bookshelf, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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