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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Zombie Wranglers

Looks like XBox 360 owners can expect to see another downloadable zombie game. This is in addition to the game Zombie Apocalypse that we reported about earlier. Frozen Codebase is releasing Zombie Wranglers to the masses May 6th. From Frozen Codebase:

In ZOMBIE WRANGLERS, you play one of four quirky suburban tweens, charged with the onerous task of ridding your community of a mysterious zombie outbreak -- and being home for supper afterwards! Stagger (don't walk!) to your Xbox 360 on May 6th and become one of the ZOMBIE WRANGLERS

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  1. doesnt look super cool, like l4d is, BUT any zombie game is fun. if it werent for you what would i do? oh and stay swine flu free:)


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