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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zombie Apocalypse: New Dowloadable Game From Konami

Zombie Apocalypse is a download only shooter being brought to the XBox Live and Playstation Network this summer. A four player simultaneous slaughter fest, ZA will allow co-op play online as-well-as local play. From the videos I've seen, game play is reminiscent of Smash TV (for those of us old enough to remember). One stick will character movement while the other direction of fire.

The goal is to survive 55 days of zombie attacks. You will have an arsenal of ranged and melee weapons and, of course, the environment can be used to your advantage. There will also be a range of unlockable play modes. Attempts on my part to speak to someone at Konami were futile. You can't fault me for trying!

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