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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sick of the Plants vs Zombies videos? I'm not!

In preparation of the Plants vs Zombies game contest, I have decided to compile all of their videos in one post! You can thank me later. I, for one, can't wait to play this.

Don't forget to visit PopCap Games and register for updates. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to play the game in advance as well as get a discount on the purchase. If you're a FaceBook user, add Plants vs Zombies for more fun! You can post the music video on your page, adopt a zombie friend, and will soon be able to create your own zombie avatar. Finally, follow Plants vs Zombies on Twitter for all of the latest updates.

Finally, Zombies & Toys will be launching our Plants vs Zombies contest this Friday! The kind folks over at PopCap Games are sponsoring. Two lucky winners will receive a Plants vs Zombies goodie bag and five runners-up will receive a copy of the game! The contest will kick-off this Friday, April 24th and will conclude on Friday, May 15th. Winners will be announced on Monday, May 18th.

Entering is easy. Visit Plants vs Zombies on FaceBook and adopt a zombie. After doing so, email me at with your name and address and tell me what name you gave your new adopted zombie. Don't forget to please put "PVZ" in the subject line. Let's keep this fun and PG rated so be mindful when naming your new zombie friend.

Now on to the videos!

Non-FaceBook users are still eligible by emailing me the same info. Zombies & Toys is not responsible for adverse effects caused by entering or winning this contest including, but not limited to, stubbed toes, headaches, car accidents, acid rain, alcohol abuse, stock prices, loss of sleep, dirty dishes, or anything else you may want to try and hold me responsible for. Good luck and have fun!

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