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Friday, April 17, 2009

American Zombie Contest Results

Ok, so I'm a little behind with this one. But take a glance over this week's updates and you'll see why. As most of you already know, the contest for a free download of American Zombie concluded last week. Even though I'm not posting the winners until now, I did notify Jessica at New Video Digital on Saturday. So the two lucky winners should have already received their download codes and have seen the movie!

So a boisterous "Congratulations!" and big "Thank you!" to our two winners:

Tracey Byram and Don Stephan

There will also be some bags-o-swag mailed out next week for some lucky runners-up! So those of you who are fans of Zombie & Toys can proudly show their support! If you did not win, you can purchase a copy by clicking on the iTunes button below. A sincere "Thank You" to all of those who entered and don't forget to check back next week as we'll be giving away copies of Plants vs Zombies from PopCap Games!

American Zombie

So, what about the answers to the question for a bonus entry? Here are some of my favorites:
"If you were a zombie, what job would you want and why?"

If I were a zombie I would be a butler at a haunted house. - Chelsea J.

To star in a video game because my kids love them. - Kathy S.

If I were to be a Zombie, I think I would want the job of teaching all the new Zombies how to make it in their brave new world. - Donna C.

If I were a zombie, I would want to work janitorial at theslaughterhouse, because then I'd get paid AND get all theblood, guts, and brains I can eat. - Auriette L.

I'd deliver newspapers since I know from experience that it's done before daylight and it would be cooler. I wouldn't want to have a job in the hot sun especially since I live in the South. - Tamara B.

If I were a zombie I'd keep my current job. I work in a factory and I think a zombie could do a great job! - David C.

If I were a zombie, I would want to own a Halloween store. I love halloween and it would bring in tons of customers! - Teresa C.

If I was a zombie I would want to be a brain surgeon. - Kelly F.

If I were a zombie, I would still want to be a mom... So I'd be a zombie mom. - Heidi K.

I'd want to work in a funeral home if I was a zombie because I would feel right at home with my fellow dead. - Joni C.

The job I would like to have if I were a Zombie would be that guy that is the first to enter a cursed tomb on an archeological dig. Thems things are sometimes booby trapped, and so I could by pass them undead, and be the first to see what no other has seen in hundreds or thousands of years. - Jennifer C.

The job I would want as a zombie would be an usher at a movie theatre because it can be very dark in there making attacks easier. - Latessha W.

If I were a zombie I would try to be the first zombie ball boy in Major League Baseball. I could definitely keep the fans from reaching-out over the field. Hit by a line drive, no problem. - Ken R.

If I were a zombie I would want to be a dog trainer because to have a pack of zombie dogs at your side makes you one bad ass zombie, and quite possibly the leader of the horde. - Jeffrey K.

Work in a tv station. Much of the work is mind numbing and brainless. As a zombie, it probably wouldn't bother you quite as much... - George G.

If I was a zombie I'd want to work in Fast food cause it would fit. - Gary E.

If I were a zombie, I would make a good living as a scavenger, walking around the bottom of the ocean looking for sunken treasure. - Holden H.

I would want to run a day care, I'd keep those little demons in their place! - Donna P.

If I was a zombie I'd want the job of scavenger so I can clean up the human scraps the other zombies didn't eat so that nothing gets wasted. - Laura D.

If I was a zombie I'd want the job of official brain taster so I could figure out who had the best tasting ones. - David J.

My job as a Zombie would be a NFL runningback. Only a shot to the head could stop me from reaching the endzone. - Ken K.

If I were a zombie I would have the job as the director of a homeless shelter! - Anne T.

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