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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Walking Dead - Statue and Bust Review

I'm not going to tell you that Robert Kirkman's comic series, The Walking Dead, is the greatest zombie comic available. Truth be told, I haven't read many other zombie comic books. But I have yet to hear someone admit to not enjoy reading The Walking Dead. It's an ongoing story about regular people and their attempts to survive while living during a zombie apocalypse. My purpose right now is not to tell you about the books, but rather the collectibles spawned by them.

Enter Moore Collectibles. Clayburn Moore has been providing us with quality collectibles for over a decade. Bringing us everything from Lady Death to Conan, zombies only seem like the next logical step. Right?

The first items I'd like to bring to your attention are the statues. The main piece features the comic's hero, Rick Grimes, with a crowbar in hand preparing to drive a hatchet through the skull of his assailant. Accompanying this statue is a second one of a legless corpse reaching out. One of the most appealing aspects of this line is that it's supposed to be expandable. More zombie statues are to be released allowing you to create your own scene. Now all we need are more zombie statues to be released.

Details are great on these pieces from the textured rocks to the blood-stained clothes. I particularly like how the areas of injury have a sheen to them. The areas covered in blood or where the flesh is torn off all have a gloss coat giving them a realistic look. Speaking of realistic, it's the little details that make the most impact. The fingers on the zombie's right hand are missing but if you look closely, you can see the small pieces of bone jutting out indicating the fingers were ripped off. His left foot is missing its shoe and again the bones can be seen through the shimmering blood.

At first, I didn't quite like the shape of the bodies. It's especially odd for a Moore sculpt as the majority of his work enhances the attributes of the human form. However, the pieces in this line more accurately represent the characters from the comics. The micro-busts showcase the same qualities. Exposed bones, detailed teeth, intestines hanging from under their ribs, every grimace-causing detail looks great.

There are four micro-busts released so far. All four micro-busts are zombies and they each have their name printed on the front of the base. Something I have never seen done before. The first two released were Vince and Nate followed by Ick, a exclusive. Ick is basically just a repaint of Nate. Andrew is the most recent addition and was released last year. The busts are tiny, standing at about 5 inches tall but are a very affordable $25. At first I was disappointed with their size, but now I appreciate that it means you can build your own zombie army. Now all we need is Moore to release more!


  1. Awesome. I want to get me a set.

  2. I think I may just have to get me a set. Andrew Lincoln does an excellent job playing the role of a police officer, definitely a must see. The collectables of him look great and season two is scheduled to air later this year. But if you have DirecTV, you can't get AMC in HD. What!? No zombies in HD? Good news though, at DISH Network AMC is in HD. That means you can get your zombies in HD with DISH! As a customer and employee of DISH I can’t say how happy I’ve been since I made the switch.


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