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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Terminator: Salvation "Repaired" Audio Clip

Sorry, folks, I'm taking a little detour to bring you some news about the new Terminator: Salvation viral marketing that is going on. Terminators aren't exactly zombies but they are pretty close. They're not alive. They kill humans. The brain/CPU needs to be destroyed to stop one.
For those who don't know, the Skynet Research website seems to have a bit of a technical difficutly with an audio loop. We are warned to not tamper with or attempt to decipher this clip. Well, lucky for you our friends at Bent Wookie have gone through the trouble for us!

Below is the transcribed message. To actually hear it, click here.

"This is recon team (five three) to base. Base, do you read? Requesting extraction… I say again - we’re overdue by three days. We’re… and we’re ready to debrief. Say (again) - we’ve completed reconnaissance. We’re prepared to (set) all tech comm units on (skynet attack). Current coordinates: (Romeo 2####8). Repeat. Immediate extraction for four man team. One (injured). We’ll attempt next contact at 0800 hours…"

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