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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Take Your Favorite Zombies With You!

I apologize for the delay since my last post. But you'll be glad to know that I've been doing some homework to bring you something special. Our friends over at Bent Wookie sent us some news about ZombieHead. What is ZombieHead?

ZombieHead is the combined efforts of a creative artist and a computer wiz. For a little over 3 years, they have been providing the masses with custom-made zombie jewelry. Head over to the ZombieHead site to see for yourself. But before you do, take advantage of the fact that Krystal was kind enough to tell us a little about her work.

Zombies & Toys: Where do you find the inspiration for some of your characters and designs?
Krystal O: Sometimes movies, but normally I just sit down and try to make something gross or something that I think looks neat. I have a whole bag of heads that never made the cut. Ones that I felt I got lazy on or just didn't paint well.

Z&T: What types of materials do you use?
KO: I usually use super sculptey, gardening wire (cause it doesn't rust) and whatever paint I can get my hands on. As well as a lacquer gloss for that wet look, plus it really makes colors pop.

Z&T: What is the process to making one of your pieces?
KO: Well I get an idea and I just sit down with my blob of clay and go to town. I use a lot of dental tools for my fine line work. I blend a lot with old paint brushes, and always have a serial killer documentary on or some type of gory flick.

Z&T: How long does a particular project take?
KO: Oh god... I normally have a few projects going on at once. But if I was to just do one batch of heads (I usually bake 8 pieces at a time) and if I worked on them all in one day I'd say a good 8 to 9 hours, and they might not be all the way done. It just really depends on the project and my mood. If I'm pissed they get done really fast.

Z&T: Any other talents or outlets besides sculpting (painting, drawing, writing)?
KO: I used to do a lot of FX make up. Wether it be on me or models at a show or for a local film. I also paint, sketch, and make bone wind chimes. I don't write much I'm kind of a klutz with words.

Z&T: What other types of general creations do you make?
KO: I make creepy doll jewelry boxes, (But who the fuck doesn't these days) I also make bone wind chimes. My neighbors think I'm nuts when I varnish them outside. I paint on silk and I've drawn a few album covers and tattoo's for people as well.

Z&T: Where can we find you next?
KO: The FX convention is the only thing we have going on for a while, and that's in April.

Many thanks to Krystal and Jim for sharing their time. ZombieHead can be contacted on MySpace and through Etsy. So go make friends and buy some very cool zombies to carry around and keep you company!

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