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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Small Updates: World War Z and Left 4 Dead

Not huge news and definitely nothing you haven't heard elswhere, but Valve has released a date for the long-awaited Left 4 Dead downloadable content. The add-on will be made available on April 21st. Who want's to be outside to enjoy spring anyway?

The Survival Pack will contain new versus mode campaigns for Dead Air and Death Toll. There will also be a Survival Mode that sounds similiar to the ulockable content for Call of Duty. You basically fend off wave after wave of zombies as they become more and more difficult to kill. As you do so, your points increase. From what I understand, Valve developed a new level, Lighthouse, for the survival mode.

Kudos for making this new downloadable content free. I put my copy back on the shelf a little while ago. Looks like I'll have to dig it up and practice a bit before the new content is made available. For those on Live, give me a yell: xnoybis zombie.

Like most of you reading this, news of Marc Forster's take on Max Brook's zombie novel World War Z cannot come fast enough. I have nothing major to report, but at this stage minor news is exciting news. With that said, I did mange to scrape up a quote from Paramount regarding the film: "Production offices are set up, and Forster is in early pre-production".
Not much but I'll take it!

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