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Monday, March 30, 2009

Dead Rising 2 Update

Christmas may seem like a long way off but game developers are already hard at work preparing. Capcom's zombie slaying sequel, Dead Rising 2, should hit store shelves in time to be added to my Christmas list. News at this point is slow, but expect that to change over the following months. So what's the update?

Product manager of Mental Mill, Laura Schott, let slip some pretty exciting news. It looks like we'll be able to inflict zombie damage with a friend! That's right, Dead Rising 2 will be multiplayer. Since the news was basically a slip up, we are unsure if this means more than two players and if it involves online play.

Schott also stated that Dead Rising 2 will be capable of tracking at least 800 separate clothing textures in order to give the sense that zombies are unique. She also stated that with the technology being used, players could experience as many as 6,000 characters on screen during multiplayer games. 6,000? Yikes! I hope the weapons hold up a bit better in this version.

As previously reported, this game is set in the Vegas-like Fortune City and takes place two years after our encounter in the Willamette Mall. I'll have more news as I find it.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to Dead Rising 2; I just hope they improve some of the controls, the save system, and put less limits on the sandbox-style gameplay.

    I am also offering Capcom free use of the following slogan:



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