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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yikes! Another New Zombie Movie!

Okay, so maybe 15 posts in a month is a bit extreme. Especially during a 28 day month. Is anyone even reading all of this? Regardless, in my attempt to have my fingers on the pulse of the zombie world (if that's even possible) I have caught wind of another zombie flick awaiting us.

Pontypool is the title of a Canadian-made zombie movie and quite possibly the next zombie movie we'll see. I have read that it will be released here in the states at the end of May. Those who live in Canada can be treated to this visual feast early March. And if there's any Canadian readers, an email or comment would be appreciated after you see it.

From what I've read, Pontypool sounds very similiar to The Signal. Kind of a zombie movie without really being a zombie movie. I'm fine with that. A good "kinda zombie movie" is better than a bad "actual zombie movie" in my book. Below is a review I found on IMDB:

"I saw this film at the Toronto film festival, and I must say it was superb. It's a zombie flick that isn't a zombie flick--it really breaks out of the genre. At times honestly hilarious and truly suspenseful at others, it was one of my top three films I saw at the festival. The IMDb synopsis doesn't do it justice. The main character loves to throw out references to linguistics and literary critics, and the "transmission" of the virus fits perfectly. Stephen McHattie did a fantastic job, as did Lisa Houle and Georgina Reilly. Even though the "we're stuck in a building surrounded by zombies" is a well-used setup, Pontypool is so different from most zombie movies that it doesn't feel hackneyed. Altogether, it's a totally fresh, exciting movie. If you can get your hands on it, watch it!"

Click here for the official movie site. There you can view the trailer and some pics as well as read the actual synopsis.

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  1. I hate to say it, but I am not really a fan of this modern zombie era. I kinda like the old zombie films like "Dawn of the Dead", "NOTLD", "ROTLD", "Day of the Dead" and even "Dead Heat". I think that with all the remakes that are coming around and that have been made, I don't know, to me, horror just isn't scary, that's just in my opinion. When I watch a horror film now, I am just thinking to myself, it's not scary. I don't get scared watching horror movies anymore like I did when I was younger. That's just my opinion. Also, I think that George should quit making zombie films. His last and only REALLY GOOD one was "Dawn of the Dead" and that was like 31 years ago. :-/


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