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Monday, February 9, 2009

Ex-President Bush Declares War On Zombies!!

The only thing I like more than a good war on zombies is placing "Ex" before "President Bush". But you're not reading this because you want to hear me rant about our ex-president (ahhh, there it is again). Anyway, feast your eyes on this marvelous video I was introduced to from a post at Archives of the Dead:

Speaking of Archives of the Dead, it's a zombie fan site whose goal is to cataloge zombie memorabilia. Not only is it a blast to look through the listings and admire the collections, it is also a quickly developing community of zombie fans. The forums are growing as well as the collections so take a minute and go have a look! Their link is above as well as to the right.

I would also like to mention that I still have some Zombies and Toys keychains and stickers available. I'm currently in discussions with a company to rebuild the main site. So any of the key chains I had originally set aside to sell there will be given away here. Just drop me an email at with your address.

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