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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dead Rising 2 & Left 4 Dead

Capcom confirms that Dead Rising 2 is official and that it will bring a "new level of zombie killing fun with tens of thousands of zombies". Set to take place after the events in Colorado, DR2 places our character in the gambling center of Fortune City.

The video game news just gets better. Valve has announced that Left 4 Dead downloads will be free for both PC and Xbox 360 users.

The recently announced Left 4 Dead Downloadable Content (L4D DLC) will be delivered to Xbox 360 and PC gamers free of charge.

Due for release this spring, the DLC for 2008's best-selling new game property on the PC and Xbox 360, is dubbed the L4D Survival Pack and introduces a new multiplayer game mode entitled, Survival, plus two complete campaigns for Versus Mode (Death Toll, Dead Air). A Critic's Choice Edition of the game will be heading to retail stores this spring, and will include access to all the content introduced in the L4D: Survival Pack.

I didn't want to go outside this spring anyway.

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  1. Nothing beats the "Resident Evil" games. Not all RE games are great though. They should make a video game of the new RE CGI film.


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