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Friday, January 16, 2009

Angel - the kick-ass one not the things with wings

So, hot on the heals of my last post the Angel series DVD sets have been listed on Amazon. Two of the seasons were bought in London and are region 15 (I think). The collectible book they come in is pretty cool.

Also following up on a previous post... some new Zombies and Toys SWAG arrived including two different types of magnets, some pins, and some really sweet keychains. Supplies are limited and like everything else I have with the logo on it they are free with any purchase. I only have a handful left of each so chances are I will list them on the sealed items page for free along with the stickers.

Speaking of Zombies and Toys, I will soon be offering preorders of select collectibles. Gentle Giant, Sideshow, Hasbro; single items as well as cases. Now all I need is some time to get the webpage in order. If anybody "knows a guy" that can help get the site designed in an easily update-able way for cheap, I'm all ears.

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