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Friday, November 28, 2008

Site Update and Some Zombie News

Zombies and Toys has been updated slightly. You now have the option of viewing the "zombie" section or the "toys" section separately and the links to view Amazon and Ebay listings are easier to locate. Nothing major, but a step in the right direction.

New toys have been unearthed including some old transformers and DC Direct Sandman figures so you can look to see those added soon. Next steps involve getting a functional shopping cart.

Been meaning to post this tidbit as well... Looks like there will be some downloadable content in the form of the Crossroads Mall for everyone's favorite zombie-slaying game, Left 4 Dead. For more information and a cool walk-through of the level head this way.

I managed to stumble accross some exciting information regarding the screenplay for the movie adaptation to Max Brooks' book, World War Z. This particular article was posted on in March 2008. Still exciting, though. Described as Children of Men with zombies, you can read it here. I'll do my best to post more information as I stumble accross it.

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